Exhibition concept
Identity design
Letterpress poster design

Exhibition identity and letterpress poster created during the 2016 Typographic Summer Program—Näfels, Switzerland

Long a topic of everyday conversation, the proposed exhibition takes the ubiquitous subject of the weather as the basis for exploring ideas about experience, transience, the intersection of nature and artifice, and the use of natural phenomena as artistic mediums. Entitled Elemental, the exhibition brings together site-specific artworks, sculptures and large-scale installations from international artists investigating the elemental materials of light, water, air and temperature, as well as time itself.
       The visual identity and letterpress poster design for the proposed exhibition explicitly work with the notion of the weather as an unstable and ever-changing phenomenon. The identity and its various applications—posters, invitations, exhibition catalogue, signage, and outdoor banners—evokes a sense of movement and dynamism through the shifting tracking of letters, and the varying angles and placement of typographic forms, creating an expressive yet cohesive system suggestive of changing light and atmospheric conditions, of shifting cloud formations or dissipating fog.