Meat Market


Meat Market

Identity design

Finalist in the 2016 Premier’s Design Awards Student Design category

The Meat Market is a unique and historic arts venue in North Melbourne. Previously managed under the Arts House umbrella, the venue recently became a stand-alone arts venue within City of Melbourne. This change necessitated a new identity to relaunch the venue.
       The new identity needed to announce the Meat Market as a competitive offering within the sector of creative spaces for hire, and to establish the venue as a recognisable multi-genre arts destination amongst the local community and a wider arts audience. The starting point for the identity solution was the organisation’s spaces—spaces that are unique and gritty, that can adapt and be transformed by the art presented within. The frame device within the identity marks communicates this key organisational value.


The dynamic system of three interchangeable marks forms the foundation for the identity. Representing the organisation’s spaces, the marks’ grid structure and strict black and white palette inform all aspects of the visual identity. Suggesting movement and flexibility, the shifting states of the marks and identity elements position the Meat Market as a dynamic, versatile creative site for the performance, presentation and development of all forms of contemporary arts