The Sovereign State of Melbourne Flag Design


The Sovereign State of Melbourne

Flag design

Flag design for The Sovereign State of Melbourne exhibition curated by RMIT Master of Communication Design students in 2016. The speculative exhibition proposed visual identities for an alternate future where Melbourne has seceded from Australia and established itself as a sovereign state.
       Referencing the rich history of our distinguished city, the proposed flag design for the Sovereign State of Melbourne reimagines the former flag of the City of Melbourne for today.
       Colour? No thank you, we’ll leave that to the inhabitants outside our sophisticated, creative and cultured borders. The Sovereign State of Melbourne is famously, irrevocably, stylishly and enduringly clad in black, and likewise, so is our flag. And the X you ask? Both everything and nothing. We are too diverse, innovative and progressive to be defined by any conventional and fixed set of symbols. X can be anything you want it to be, an [insert your emblem of choice here] if you will. It is after all, dear unique and creative citizen of the Sovereign State of Melbourne, a flag to represent you.